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The GJ Grizz is Western Colorado's premier youth competitive baseball organization.  We strive to not only win baseball games, but to instill integrity, respect, honor and sportsmanship. 

The Tribe Peer to Peer Suicide Prevention


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It all started when…

A group of amazing young men and woman decided to come together and change the culture of the way suicide prevention is done in the grand valley.

What has been done in the past for suicide prevention has not had the effect needed to curb the number of suicides in Mesa county, especially in our youth.

"If we can do it then they should have the mindset that they can do it too because honestly, anyone can do it," said Lemonyca Anderson.

"You are not alone," Cole Klinzmann said. "You will get better and everything will get better."

"You'll never be able to end suicide...but I want it to come way down. And people know that people are here for them." Explains Nick Gordon.

"For me, it was actually like having a weight on my shoulders 24-7", says Clayton Klinzmann.